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We at iMillenialTrends, bring you all the trends that Millennials have or will possibly set in near future documented in the form of our Blog articles. They are very well written and are ought to intrigue anyone who starts reading them! In the process, it will help you get accustomed to the way Millennial Trends are shaping the economy, marketing techniques and everything else that is concerned.

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Why Millennials Want to Travel so Much

The new generation of travelers has started exploring the world in a unique manner and they're in no way like the old-school methods. Millennials are very much interested in traveling to gain experience rather than bar hopping. According to a survey conducted...

Career Mistakes Made By Most Youngsters

So you got your first job just after a few months of graduation. Your first job undoubtedly teaches you a lot, so you need to take it seriously. Any wrong move can be disastrous for your entire career. Read on to know some of the most common mistakes made by...

Ridesharing: The Millennials Avoid Car Ownership

Some experts believe that in 20 years time car ownership will be a rarity, with most people choosing to rideshare. Millennials have embraced the idea fully and there may be a variety of reasons for this. Over 90% of the older generation own their own car, whereas only...

4 Ways Millennials Are Changing The Workplace

Research agencies are putting considerable effort into finding out about how millennials are changing the workplace. With the advancement in technology, every sector of the life has a digital influence these days. This has somehow, affected the way millennials think...

How 5 Instagram Marketing Trends Are Gaining Popularity In 2018

Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. Instagram too has gained popularity as a social media platform in recent years. This photo and video sharing app connects people to their loved ones across the globe and lets one access content from...

Millennials Chase Further Education

There are common threads weaving through the lives of Millennials. As a generation they value other people, they value the environment, they value healthcare, social good, and they value education and the betterment of themselves. Statistics indicate that there are...

Live Streaming Is The Way Forward

You may have noticed notifications popping up on your social media platforms letting you know that so and so is now live. Millennials are all about live streaming – whether they are using Periscope to do it or taking advantage of Facebook's feature. The latter started...

Public Libraries & The Millennials Keeping Them Open

This may come as a surprise to you, but of all the adult generations... it is Millennials who are the most likely to visit a public library. Data from surveys indicate that over 2016 over 50% of Millennials visited either a library or a bookmobile in the 12 months...

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