Research agencies are putting considerable effort into finding out about how millennials are changing the workplace. With the advancement in technology, every sector of the life has a digital influence these days. This has somehow, affected the way millennials think and give their opinion on certain aspects.

Their views bring a drastic shift in the workplace culture, which ultimately affects the business and commerce. Here are a few traits of the millennials that will shape the way new workplaces function:

1. Millennials Believe in Switching Companies:
Unlike the older generation, millennials believe in dynamic life. They tend to switch jobs faster than their previous generation. Recent research from a reputed firm states that a millennial changes four jobs within the first ten years.

If you are a company, the training cost will shoot up considering the iteration rate of the employees. In this case, either you should provide necessary training time-to-time so that the millennials can groom them and update with the latest technology trends in the market.

Millennials are keen learners, and they are eager to employ their skills and creativity to solve some out of the box problems.

2. Millennials Ask for Instant Feedback:
To make sure they learn and grow every day, millennials instantaneously ask for feedback regarding their last performance from their respective clients. Since E-mail seems a bit bulky for chatting these days, millennials communicate with their clients either in-person or using text messages.

Working on the mistakes and learn new technologies on-the-go separates the millennials from the rest of the crowd.

3. For Millennials, Work-Life Balance is the Priority
These days, the concept of a 9-to-5 job is fading. Millennials are asking for flexibility during the working hours. In the same manner, companies are providing various perks to their employees like check-in even when they are outside of their office, apart from various flexible schedules designed as per the millennials requirements.

On the other half, millennials tend to finish short communication with managers or juniors using mobile devices. This allows constant connectivity and regular update with the task. You can see millennials working from cafes, restaurants, or beaches these days.

4. Millennials Always Ask For Transparency and Integrity:
Millennials consider transparency as their top-most priority. This generation can smell something fishy miles away. This is what they grew up seeing. They have faced politicians who only makes promises but always work for their profit without serving others.

Therefore the millennial generation still watches for transparency and integrity in their leaders. They also expect their companies to maintain transparency.