So you got your first job just after a few months of graduation. Your first job undoubtedly teaches you a lot, so you need to take it seriously. Any wrong move can be disastrous for your entire career. Read on to know some of the most common mistakes made by youngsters in their career and avoid them to enjoy a rocking career:

1. Not voicing your opinion: When you are new at a place, it is natural to feel shy to voice your opinion however small or important the matter is. But doing it too often raises doubts about your confidence levels and people might start taking you for granted. Learn the importance of saying right things at the right time and in a right way.

2. Letting yourself loose at office parties: There is no doubt that the office parties are meant to have fun, but don’t let yourself off guard completely. This is more important when you are known to lose your senses when drunk. You would surely not want to blurt out something about your boss when he is standing just next to you.

3. Social networking sites: It is hard to find a single person on this Earth who is not hooked to social networking, so there is no harm in checking them once in a while. But since everyone around you has the option to have a glance at your computer, it surely doesn’t make a very pleasant sight. Your boss undoubtedly wants workers who are more interested in their work instead of workers who find the status or the photograph of their friend more intriguing.

4. Dressing sense: Your friends might swear by your fashion sense but your office is surely the last place where you should flaunt your style. Dressing inappropriately will not only call for unnecessary attention from the colleagues but will also disturb the office environment. Stick to neutral shades and formal wear unless there is some special occasion. Studies have shown that only serious dressers are considered serious workers.

5. Making professional contacts: No doubt that you go to an office to do your work, but when it comes to promotions or success, the contacts that you make matter the most. Get in touch with your superiors and try to learn from them. You have to be very cautious as there are chances that going overboard can get you labelled as a sycophant.

6. Gossiping your way in office: You need to understand the basic difference between basic networking and gossiping in the office. Stay away from the office politics as much as you can but be aware of it else you might become its target. Avoid joining any groups and try to be neutral else you will end up making enemies at work.

7. Getting late to office: If getting late is occasional or unavoidable, then it is permissible, but if it becomes a habit, you better leave it right at the moment you leave your college. Being regular and punctual is the first thing every employer wants in his employees. Even if you don’t have too much work in hand, reach office on time and avoid leaving early. This small habit will help your seniors form a favorable reputation in their mind. In fact, punctuality is often regarded as more important than hard work.

8. Acting smart: You should leave your collegiate attitude in the college and not be in the same mode at workplace. Being a fresher is no more different than being a junior in the college. Respect your seniors and don’t try to act over smart. Accept your shortcomings and be ready to learn new things and improve everything that you already know. Be humble to each and every person in the office whatever his post might be.

9. Avoid flirting: There is no harm in joking around with your colleagues but flirting with them is a strict no. Don’t get intrigued if someone else is showing advances. Maintain a distance and keep every relationship to a friendly level. According to studies, more than 80% of relationships made in office are made with a motive. It is in your best interest not to fall a prey to them.

Learning from other’s mistakes is a much better way to learn than committing the mistakes yourself and then learning from them. Keep patience and slowly and steadily you will find your way up the ladder.