You may have noticed notifications popping up on your social media platforms letting you know that so and so is now live. Millennials are all about live streaming – whether they are using Periscope to do it or taking advantage of Facebook’s feature. The latter started with celebrity guinea pigs, but is now available to everyone and is even used by news sites to transmit press conferences and news updates.

While the older generation continues to rely on TV news the majority of millennials are turning to the internet for news and there is one thing they value over everything else – authenticity. What could be more authentic than a live newscast? It isn’t just news, though, the beauty of live streaming is that anything can happen.

Live Stream Applications

Twitch is one of the major live streaming platforms and around two-thirds of their users are Millennials, but how many viewers do they have? Around 100 million every month. This shouldn’t come as a surprise – Millennials adore binge-watching and they enjoy people watching, too, and a live stream is basically the ultimate combination of the two. In fact, the average Twitch user will watch over 100 minutes of live streaming every day. If you don’t think that sounds like much, just know that beats Hulu in traffic and even throws down a challenge to prime-time TV networks.

Don’t believe me? Last year the live stream of a puddle managed to capture 20,000 viewers. Sure, there was a man floating on the said puddle, but still… 20,000 viewers tune in to check out an English puddle. It was masterminded by a marketing agency in Newcastle to show the potential live streaming truly has. Even in a crowded social media sea of endless noise – there’s a way to break through.

Streaming Events & Behind The Scenes

Live streaming events have become a popular way to launch a new product, offer behind the scenes looks at businesses or daily life, and even parties. From a customer perspective, millennials enjoy getting an unfiltered look at what happens in the background. It’s a way for businesses to show their authenticity and make strong connections with customers who want to be engaged.

Brand loyalty among millennials is a big deal, which is why many will make a connection with a particular brand and buy it every time, no matter what. Imagine a brewery that provides a live stream that takes viewers through the curtain and gives drinkers an idea of how their finished product comes to be – or a drone maker that shows a bit of the design process. Maybe if Applebee’s jumped on board we wouldn’t be blaming Millennials on its ailing sales.

While Snapchat doesn’t yet offer live streaming it drives the same fear of missing out that live streaming does. There is a need amongst Millennials to be in the know and constantly connected and missing out on a live stream could leave you feeling left out and left behind. What company or business wouldn’t want to capture that attention of an audience like that?