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We at iMillenialTrends, bring you all the trends that Millennials have or will possibly set in near future documented in the form of our Blog articles. They are very well written and are ought to intrigue anyone who starts reading them! In the process, it will help you get accustomed to the way Millennial Trends are shaping the economy, marketing techniques and everything else that is concerned.

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Everything Is Mobile & So Should You Be

Just under 90% of millennials have their phone to hand every minute of every day. Mobile is everything and it is everywhere, which is something that businesses can't afford to ignore. While some small businesses still haven't jumped into action on installing card...

Best Body Parts To Get Tattoo

If you are looking forward to surprising your husband on your anniversary and planning to get inked, then one question that probably that has crossed your mind hundreds of times is, “Doesn’t it hurt to get tattooed?” You probably know the answer, yes it does! But the...

How To Live A Minimalistic Lifestyle

It’s time to dust off the myth surrounding minimalism and its followers. Often confused as a life of miserliness, minimalism can only be achieved with wisdom in ‘what’ you spend and most importantly, ‘how much’ you spend. There’s more to leading this way of life than...

Christmas Traditions Around The World

How Christmas is celebrated is a reflection of the traditions and culture of the area where it occurs. Festivities can drastically differ in every country, depending upon which part of the nativity story is focused upon. Whether you celebrate Pere Noel or Sheng Dan...

Technology That Drives Simplicity

If there's one thing Millennials adore its technology and not just any technology, a technology that drives simplicity in their lives. Whether it's a weather forecast that lets them know how to dress for the day or the latest times for public transport – technology...

Snapchat: The Power Of Disappearing Media

The concept of disappearing media began with Snapchat. At one point the older millennials of the generation lived with the belief that once it hits the internet it's there forever, even once you delete it. While that still remains true Snapchat flipped things on its...

What Are The Challenges For Woman Travelers?

If you are one of those women who love solo traveling and doesn't mind bag packing and leaving for your dream destination alone, then you must have heard people saying two things to you. First, you are out of your mind, and second, that tragedy is just around the...

Is Frugal Living The Latest Trend?

Frugal means getting back to basics. It doesn’t mean to deprive yourself of everything, buying only cheap products or never buying your favorite coffee or chocolates. It just means to be careful with the money to afford what you truly want and love. In this whole...

Influencers Are Marketers & Businesses Can’t Ignore It

If you didn't already know this – influencers are the new face of marketing. Why? Because Millennials trust social media influencers more than any other form of marketing. Over half of millennials will try a product from a trusted YouTuber while around 33% believe...

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