The new generation of travelers has started exploring the world in a unique manner and they’re in no way like the old-school methods. Millennials are very much interested in traveling to gain experience rather than bar hopping. According to a survey conducted recently, tourists traveling to international destinations have increased drastically when compared to the last two years. Travel agencies and other demographics have started providing global travel services from booking to food services.

Previous generations considered the getaways as a luxurious one, but for millennials, it’s an essential part of their life. They would like to post a stunning Instagram photo with a new status expression. As they are growing up in a digital era, tech is a part of their DNA.

Today traveling has become vital to millennials than their student loans, maintaining a relationship with their families and friends. Their travel experience involves more adventure and has the desire for customization. In this article, you will discover the travel trends and the reason why many millennials want to travel a lot.


#Love for Travel

Millennials may have money less than previous generations but their passion for traveling means more to them. Because of the influence of the internet, the world has become smaller and places are easily accessible.

According to research done by WYSE Travel Confederation, instead of having a simple vacation, millennials want to have a long and with a deeper purpose. Thirst for experience, combined with the time constraint nature of movement make millennials to cramp in as much as possible.

#Influence of Social Media

Influence of social media is one of the key reasons for the increase in travel. Millennials use social media to find the best travel destination. Nowadays those who are traveling don’t need to rely on guidebooks containing outdated information or even paper maps to find their destination. Instead, they can instantly access information by browsing the internet available in the form of guides, photos shared on social media and reviews.

User-generated content has become more popular and is one of the inspirational sources for travelers. It initially helps to take decision for the younger generation on how to arrange a successful trip.

#Extending & Enjoying Business Trip

Business people are also finding ways to convert their trip more enjoyable. They extend their trips to engage themselves in leisure activities and share their experience through social media. If we travel the world only for business purpose then how can we drench up that international experience? Because of the increase in the desire to spend more days and explore the world with your loved ones, work travel is progressing into a lifestyle trend instead of commitment according to a recent survey done by Skift.

Millennials are finding work trips as an opportunity to close off the time for recreation and experience a new city with improved cultural experience.

#Home Away from Home

It’s a universal belief that travel is the key to happiness. The experience you gain might bring you the happiest memories of your life, but for this, you need to find good places to visit. Millennials have more technology and skills that make their travel experience more comfortable and easily accessible. As a result travel agency has updated their brand images and perks to cater for millennials who are carving for an authentic local experience.

Millennial trevalers

Also, sites like Airbnb and Hostelworld help to find the best place to live in a sprawling urban city located in a new country you have never visited. Today, by using a variety of booking websites and room sharing services one can enjoy a locally driven experience and associate with the local environment in an interconnected and more significant way.

Millennials are raised in a way that nothing is impossible for them. They are living life to create moments and would like to see the world immediately rather waiting for retirement.